Credential Evaluations
A credential evaluation is a comparison of your academic accomplishments to standards in the U.S. or Canada. A credential evaluation is required when a your degree was obtained from a college, university or institution outside the U.S or Canada. The evaluation will be evidence that your degree is the equivalent of a U.S. bachelor's degree or higher.  At minimum, you only need to get an evaluation done for your highest degree that is related to the position you've been offered, unless IFSS states otherwise. You may choose to get all degrees evaluated if you would like. 

How do I get a credential evaluation?
It is your responsibility to obtain the credential evaluation, not the University's. The National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES) can provide you with a list of accredited companies to get your foreign studies evaluated. You can also find other credential evaluation companies by searching online. Currently, USCIS does not provide a list of companies to use, so you can use whichever company you would like. By purchasing the credential evaluation yourself, you will own the report and can use that for future immigration cases not at the UW (permanent residency, for example) or perhaps for other employment opportunities outside the UW. IFSS cannot recommend one company over another. IFSS does, however, recommend shopping around. Some companies will accept copies and not originals of degree certificates and can offer reports in as little as 3 days. Most companies offer even quicker service, but for a higher cost. 

If you choose to use WES, please add Katie Tollefson (email: as a recipient of the evaluation. IFSS will get an email notification when the credential evaluation is available to us online through our AccessWES account. 

What report do you choose?
Each company has different types of reports you can purchase. Most companies will indicate which reports are sufficient for immigration purposes. If you are not sure, contact the company and they will let you know. At this time, a course by course evaluation is typically not needed and a general evaluation will suffice. Credential evaluations don't expire, so you can use them over again!

Foreign medical graduates who have ECFMG certification do not need an additional credential evaluation. The ECFMG certification will suffice to meet this requirement until USCIS specifies otherwise.