H-1B Filing Fees

  • To request a filing fee check, follow the normal procedures within your hiring unit or from the Division of Business Services
    • Exception: UW institutions, other than UW-Madison, IFSS will request any necessary filing fee checks
  • All checks must be separate and payable to: U.S. Department of Homeland Security
  • Filing fee checks are NOT requested through TDS
  • All check requests must be accompanied with this pre-signed Check Custody Form
  • IFSS picks up checks at Business Services 1-2 times per week
Standard Filing Fee $460 
  • Required for ALL petitions
  • Must be paid by hiring unit
Anti-Fraud Fee $500
  • Required only for the 1st UW petition
  • Must be paid by the hiring unit
Premium Processing Fee $2,500
  • Guarantees that USCIS will make a decision* in 15 calendar days. The 15 day clock begins when USCIS receipts the application, not when IFSS receives it or mails it to USCIS. It can take USCIS several days after receiving the application to formally receipt it.
  • IFSS will advise when Premium Processing is needed to begin employment. No other forms necessary when IFSS recommends using Premium Processing
  • For all other requests for premium processing, please provide IFSS with a completed Premium Processing Form
    • For business related reasons, the hiring unit representative should sign the form and provide evidence of the business related reason
    • If there is no business related reason, some employees may be able to pay for premium processing for personal reasons (if they choose to do so; we cannot require any employee to pay for this fee). Please consult IFSS so we can check the employee’s eligibility to pay this. For personal requests, the employee should sign the form. For personal premium processing requests, a personal check or money order from a U.S. Bank is acceptable. Have the employee send/deliver the check or money order directly to IFSS in a sealed envelope to the attention of IFSS/Katie Tollefson (for UW-Madison H-1Bs) or IFSS/Irina Punguil Bravo (for all other UW System H-1Bs)
  • We can upgrade to premium processing at any time. It is not required to be submitted with the initial petition
H-4 Dependent $370
*This does not guarantee approval. A decision can come in the form of an approval, a Request For Evidence (RFE), a Notice of Intent to Deny (NOID) or a denial. We will reach out to the hiring unit immediately if the decision received is an RFE, NOID, or denial.