Checklist for Departments - H-1B Documents to Upload

The following is a list of documents the hiring unit is responsible for uploading into Terra Dotta for H-1B requests.
  • Upload documents into relevant categories and subcategories below
  • Keep file sizes under 2MB
  • Please only provide PDFs of documents when at all possible. Other document formats have caused sizing, legibility, and other similar issues. If you have an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, you can use these instructions to scan a document to create a PDF. If you have an Android device, you can use these instructions to scan a document into your Google Drive as a PDF.
For UW-Madison campus only: At this time, please request the appropriate H-1B filing fees. Do not upload filing fee information into TDS. 
Document Please upload as this in TDS
Appointment Letter or Employment Verification Letter Letters/Copy of offer letter
*If the appointment letter is more than 6 months old, please also provide an Employment Verification Letter to supplement the appointment letter.
Detailed Position Description Position Description
*If the position description is not detailed, use this Detailed Position Description form to have the supervisor provide in-depth and detailed duties this person will perform. USCIS will not be satisfied with only a few sentences--be detailed.
Export Control Form Export Control Certification Form
*A new export control form is required for EACH petition we file. We cannot re-use a prior form.
H-1B Filing Fees - request from Accounting as soon as possible Do not upload anything into TDS for the Filing Fees. Send those requests to Accounting as you always have before. IFSS will pick up the filing fee checks for you and place into the appropriate petition. 

 To determine where your application is in the process, please reference this document for what each phase/status in Terra Dotta means.