Current USCIS Filing Fees
USCIS Filing Fees
Refer to the chart below for the filing fees required for the application.
How does the Department request checks?
  • Follow normal procedures in your Department. Checks are requested through ShopUW+.
  • Filing fee checks are NOT requested through TDS.
  • Make checks payable to: US Department of Homeland Security.
  • Each fee must be a separate check. Do not combine all fees into one check.
  • Attach this pre-signed pre-signed Check Custody Form to all check requests in ShopUW+.
  • Accounting Services will notify IFSS to pick up checks.
  • Need help? Contact Business Services. IFSS cannot answer questions about how to order checks.
Exception: For all other Universities of Wisconsin campuses (not UW-Madison), IFSS will request the appropriate filing fees and you will be invoiced for those fees by UW System Administration at a later date.
Need help calculating fees? Use the USCIS Fee Calculator or refer to the USCIS Fee Schedule
Immigration Status Fee Who Pays?
E-3 Australian Specialty Occupation Workers
  • Only applies when E-3 application is filed at USCIS. Does not apply to E-3 applications made at a US consulate or embassy abroad.
$510 UW Hiring Unit
H-1B Specialty Occupation Workers
  • The Filing fee is paid for every H-1B petition, including new employment, extension, amendment, transfer, and concurrent petitions.
  • An additional Anti-Fraud Fee is required for the first H-1B petition the UW files for an employee. It is not required for extensions or amendments.
Filing Fee: $460

Anti-Fraud Fee: $500
UW Hiring Unit
O-1 Aliens of Extraordinary Ability $530 UW Hiring Unit
TN Canadian and Mexican Professional Workers
  • This fee only applies when the employee is inside the U.S. and a TN application is filed at USCIS.
  • Does not apply to TN applications made at Customs and Border Protection (CBP) or US consulate or embassies abroad while traveling. However, employees may be required to pay visa fees (if applicable) or a border crossing fee (generally $50-$60 US dollars).

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UW Hiring Unit
USCIS Premium Processing (optional fee)
  • Available for all statuses if a petition is filed with USCIS.
  • Guarantees USCIS will take action on the case in 15 calendar days after receipt of the petition. An “action” can be an approval, a Request For Evidence (RFE), a Notice of Intent to Deny (NOID), or a denial.
  • IFSS will advise when Premium Processing is needed to begin employment. No other forms are necessary when IFSS recommends using Premium Processing.
  • For all other requests for premium processing, please provide IFSS with a completed Premium Processing Form
    • For business-related reasons, the hiring unit representative should sign the form and provide evidence of the business-related reason
    • If there is no business-related reason, some employees may be able to pay for premium processing for personal reasons (if they choose to do so; we cannot require any employee to pay for this fee). Please consult IFSS so we can check the employee’s eligibility to pay this.
      • For personal premium processing requests:
        • the employee should sign the form
        • a personal check or money order from a U.S. Bank is acceptable
        • the employee must send/deliver the check or money order directly to IFSS 
  • We can upgrade to premium processing at any time. It is not required to be submitted with the initial petition
$2,805 UW Hiring Unit or Employee (contact IFSS)
Permanent Residency Filing Fees Fee  Who Pays?
I-140 Immigrant Petition for Alien Workers $715 Employee
I-485 Application to Adjust Status to Permanent Residency $1,440 (for anyone over 14 years old; anyone under the age of 14, the fee is $950), plus appropriate biometrics service fee (see below)
See the I-485 link to the left for a few exceptions on the USCIS form page.
I-765 Application for Employment Authorization
$410 plus appropriate biometric service fee (see below)

For example:
  • OPT work authorization
  • J-2 work authorization
I-131 Application for Travel Document *This fee varies depending on why you are filing the I-131. See the I-131 link to the left for current fees on the USCIS form page. Employee
Filing Fees for other common forms Fee Who Pays?
  • For example:
    • Change to or extend H-4 status inside the United States
    • Change to J-1 status inside the United States
$470 for paper application
$420 for online application 

Consult IFSS if you are considering filing online. It may be cheaper to file paper applications if there is more than one dependent.

Varies based on form - check the USCIS website for the form you need to check if biometric fees are required or click the link to the left on Biometric Services Fee to check the USCIS Fee Schedule, look for the form number, and the biometric fee will be listed in the last column. Employee
  • For example, if you lost your original approval notice and would like a new original notice.
  • The notice must still be valid; you cannot request duplicates of documents that have validity end dates that have passed.
$590 Employee