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Scholars & Employees

UW Hiring Units: To request and H-1B or J-1 for your scholar, login to the Scholar Portal and submit a New Sponsorship Request. If you have already started your request, login to the Scholar Portal to continue working on your existing request.

Scholars and Employees: Your UW hiring unit must first initiate a sponsorship request on your behalf, prior to your need to login and complete any requirements. If you have not been officially invited by the UW, explore the H-1B or J-1 Scholar information. If you are already on-campus at the UW, login to access your Scholar Profile here.

  • New Sponsorship Request (UW Hiring Unit initiated) - Department admins must file this request with IFSS to determine how they will be processed, as a H-1B employee or J-1 scholar.
  • J-1 Scholar Program Extension (Department-initiated) - If you have a current scholar in your department who will not complete their program by the program end date stated on the DS-2019, a department admin must request an extension in advance.
For all other scholar and employee requests, please login to the Scholar Portal to access applicable forms.