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General FAQ

Common questions for any immigration status:
I need an employment verification letter for my visa interview. Can you provide one? Your local Human Resources representative can assist you. Or you can obtain this through The Work Number, a third party resource provided by the Office of Human Resources (OHR) to verify employment. For more information, see Employment Verification.
I moved to a new home. Who should I notify? Email IFSS within 10 days of your move. Don't forget to notify Human Resources, too, or you can update your personal information in MyUW using these instructions.
I'm considering taking a leave of absence from work. Does this affect my immigration status? Depends. Please email IFSS for a consultation and include your Department Admin so we can gather more information.
I'd like to go back to school or take some classes. Is that ok? Depends. Please email IFSS for a consultation and include your Department Admin so we can gather more information. 
I will be leaving the University. What do I need to do? Notify your department, hiring unit or campus Human Resources. Your Department Admin will notify IFSS appropriately.
I am planning to start a new position at the University. Do I need to tell IFSS? Yes. Please notify IFSS in advance to allow for any required changes or amendments to be filed with the appropriate federal agency. Generally, we ask for 2 months advance notice.
I received permanent residency. What do I do now? Congratulations! Take time to celebrate this achievement! Then, email IFSS a copy of your PR card, front and back. 
How do I become a naturalized citizen? See Becoming a U.S. Citizen Through Naturalization from the USCIS website. While IFSS cannot assist with this process, here are some local resources:
How do I write a check? Please use the link to follow the USCIS directions on how to write a check. 
Can the UW help with my personal immigration questions? No. IFSS can only advise on UW sponsored immigration applications. However, it may be necessary to inform IFSS of any personal immigration issues or applications in order to accurately provide guidance for your UW sponsored immigration status.
I have my own attorney already. Can they file my case for the UW? University employees may NOT retain private attorneys to provide advice and counsel on University matters. All employment-based immigration petitions must be filed by IFSS. 

The UW Office of Legal Affairs provides this guidance regarding outside attorneys. Therefore, the UW is NOT able to sign a G-28 to allow your attorney to represent the UW for an immigration petition.
Can I work from my home (inside the U.S.)? Most immigration statuses can accommodate this; however, advance notice to IFSS is required prior to starting work at home in many cases. Please consult IFSS and HR regarding work at home options at least 3 months in advance to allow enough time to complete any necessary paperwork. A formal remote work agreement must be filed with HR as well.
Can I work from my home (outside the U.S.)? When you are not physically inside the U.S., an immigration status is not needed. Therefore, from the immigration perspective, this is allowable. However, working outside the U.S. may raise other concerns such as payroll/tax issues, employment law issues, risk concerns, cybersecurity concerns, export control issues, etc. Please refer to the remote work guidance for international telecommuting to follow the proper steps to request an international telecommuting agreement.
How do I clear my cache (for Terra Dotta functionality)? Refer to the UW's knowledgebase article here to find instructions for the browser you are using.
Where do I get my I-94? You can retrieve that online on the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) website.
For more information about I-94s, see What is Form I-94?
Can IFSS answer my Glacier questions?

Do I qualify for tax treaty?

Why are these taxes being taken out of my paycheck?
International Payroll and Tax can assist you with any Glacier, tax filing information, and tax treaty questions. IFSS and ISS advisors do not have expertise in tax law to properly assist you in this area.
I'm just visiting for a short period of time. Can I just use my B visa to enter the US rather than get a J-1? Refer to our Chart - J-1 vs B-1/B-2 Comparison for which status is appropriate for your visit. If you are being invited by a UW department, please also reach out to them for assistance.