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Department Admin FAQ

Answers to commonly asked questions from Department Admin:
How do I get access to Terra Dotta? Submit the New TDS User Form to your Dean's Office. Your Dean's Office should forward to IFSS once completed.
Leaving the UW or no longer need access to TDS?  Notify IFSS to reassign your cards and to remove your access. Please also notify your department, so that a new department admin can be reassigned to your cases. 
Where can I find more information about a status? You can view the IFSS website,, for more detailed information of the processes involved in requesting a specific status.
Does IFSS onboard international scholars and employees? Department, hiring unit or campus HR is responsible for onboarding, I-9 verification and reverification, campus ID, email set-up, etc. IFSS is required to provide J-1 scholars with an orientation, but we do not cover "normal" onboarding activities.
My scholar or employee has a question about taxes and/or their tax treaty. Can IFSS help? International Payroll and Tax can help with Glacier, tax filing information, and tax treaty questions. IFSS does not have tax law expertise to assist in this area.
Does IFSS offer any trainings to new department admins or for Terra Dotta? Yes, please look out for the schedule.
I do not know which immigration specialist is working with my department? Please check the following chart. Our immigration specialists are assigned to colleges and divisions. 
We've invited a scholar for less than 6 months. Can they use their B-1/B-2 visa to enter the US instead? Depends. Please refer to the Chart - J-1 vs B-1/B-2 Comparison. This will assist you in determining which status is appropriate for their visit. You may also reach out to IFSS at any time.