H-1B Terms of Employment
H-1Bs are employer and employment specific
The petition we submitted to USCIS state the exact title, salary, duties, and dates of your position at the UW. You cannot accept any wages or honorarium from another employer unless they sponsor a concurrent H-1B on your behalf. Additionally, you cannot accept any wages or honorarium from another UW institution or department for duties outside the scope of your employment as stated in your H-1B petition. If you'd like to perform additional work for another UW department or institution, please have the additional hiring unit or institution consult IFSS. It can be done, but it likely will require a concurrent H-1B to be sponsored by the additional hiring department or institution. Filing a concurent H-1B takes time to prepare and get approval, just like a new or extension H-1B, and will cost the additional hiring department or institution filing fees.

Any changes in your position prior to the end of your current H-1B, may require an amended H-1B petition to be filed
IFSS is required to notify USCIS if there has been a material change in the terms and conditions of your H-1B employment. You and your hiring unit may not be authorized to make changes to your H-1B employment without having received USCIS approval of these changes first.  If there are any questions about a change to your position, please consult with your Department prior to making the change.

Changes to your employment that may require an amendment include, but are not limited to:
  • new title series (for example, postdoc to scientist or research specialist to researcher)
  • significant change in duties
  • significant salary increase (which typically signifies a change in duties)
  • change in percentage of appointment (part-time to full-time and vice versa)
  • new employment in a different UW department or institution
  • concurrent employment in another UW Department or institution (including overloads)
Promotions within a title series: these are typically ok as they are deemed a "natural progression" of your duties rather than a change.
Additional Resources (for Hiring Units only):
How to request an H-1B amendment for your H-1B employee