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Department Admin Document Library


Automatic Visa Revalidation Please review for people holding certain immigration statuses, including J-1, may reenter the U.S. using an expired visa stamp if they travel to Canada, Mexico, or adjacent islands for 30 days or less.
Chart - J-1 vs B-1/B-2 Comparison Chart to assist in determining which status is appropriate when someone wants to temporarily come to the UW-Madison campus.
Check Custody Agreement Information on who is approved to pick up checks for IFSS from Business Services. This form must be included with all check requests.
Commonly Used Immigration Acronyms and Terms Please review this document for commonly used acronyms.
*If there is an immigration related acronym you would like added, please email IFSS
Departure Form Submit to when an E-3, H-1B, O-1 or TN departs the University.
Detailed Position Description Please use this form when IFSS requests a detailed position description or more information on job duties.
Glacier and International Tax Information Information on how to contact Glacier, the international tax team. 
How to Apply for a U.S. Visa Stamp Instructions on how to apply for a visa stamp, please use if you are NOT a citizen of Canada or Bermuda. 
IFSS J-1 Coordinator Department Assignments Please review to find the immigration specialist working with your department. 
KB - Department TDS Log-In Instructions on how to login to Terra Dotta for department admins
KB - How to Initiate a New Sponsorship Request Instructions on how to initiate a new sponsorship request in Terra Dotta, either J1 or H1B. 
KB - How to Upload Documents into TDS Instructions on how to upload documents in Terra Dotta. 
I-9 Employment Authorization Information on the required I-9 for paid employees. 
New Sponsorship Request Intake Form Intake form for new sponsorship requests. This form does not need to be filled out but can be used for your reference.
Priority Dates and How to Read the U.S. Visa Bulletin Instructions on how to read the Visa Bulletin, and information on understanding priority dates.
TDS New User Form Please use this form when requesting Terra Dotta access for a new department admin.
Translator Information Information on local translators.
What does the TDS status or phase mean? Information on how to read the Terra Dotta statuses. 
J-1 Documents:
Changing Status to J-1 Information on the options available for scholars changing to J-1 status from another status.
How does Immigration define "clinical"? Definitions on clinical research for J-1 Scholars, clinical research prohibited for J-1's.
Instructions (Department Admins) - Five Point Letter Instructions on how to fill out a Five Point letter, that is required for any scholar involved in Medical observation. 
IFSS J-1 Coordinator Department Assignments Current advisor assignments by department.
J-1 and J-2 Expenses The required expenses that J-1 & J-2 scholars will need to show proof of funds.
J-1 English Proficiency Requirements The guidelines set by the Department of State for scholar's English proficiency requirement.
J-1 English Proficiency Interview Assessment Please fill out this form for any scholar's doing an interview assessment as their proof of English proficiency.
J-1 Subject Field Codes List List of available subject field codes available for the department to choose from for a scholars program.
J-1 Transfer Out Intake Form Please fill out this form for scholars transferring from UW - Madison to another institution 
J-1 Updated Appointment Form Please fill out this form if there are changes to a scholar's appointment. 
KB - Department TDS Log-In Instructions for logging into Terra Dotta for department admins.
KB - How to Initiate a New Sponsorship Request Instructions for how to initiate a new sponsorship request in Terra Dotta.
KB for Departments--How to complete a J-1 Request in TDS Instructions on how to complete a J-1 request in Terra Dotta. 

H-1B Documents:
Additional Documents Required for Clinical Positions Information on the  additional documents required for clinical H-1B applications.
Checklist for Departments - H-1B Documents to Upload Please use this checklist when up uploading documents for an H-1B application.
Credential Evaluations Information on the comparison of int'l academic accomplishments to standards in the U.S. or Canada.
Employment Verification Letter Please use this form when creating an employment verification letter. 
Export Control Form Please fill out this form for the export control certification. 
Flowchart: General H-1B Process Flowchart of the overall H-1B petition process. 
Flowchart: Preparing the H-1B petition in TDS Flowchart of the H-1B process in Terra Dotta. 
H-1B Terms of Employment Employer information on the H-1B specific terms of employment.
H-1B Filing Fees Current H-1b petition filing fees.
KB - How to Complete the Actual Wage section Instructions on how to complete the actual form section of the H-1B petition.
KB for Departments - How to Initiate an H-1B Extension in TDS Instructions on how to initiate a  H-1b request in Terra Dotta. 
KB for Departments - How to Request an H-1B Amendment Instructions on how to initiate an amendment to an H-1B petition.
KB for Departments-How to Complete an H request Instructions on how to fill out the Department tab and upload documents for an H-1B.
Labor Condition Application (LCA) for H-1Bs and E-3s Information on LCA's for both H-1Bs and E-3s.
LCA Posting Confirmation Memo Please use this form to confirm posting of the LCA.
Portability Rule Information on the transferring (porting) of H-1B applications.
Premium Processing the I-129 and/or I-140 Information on premium processing. 
Prevailing Wage Information on prevailing wage. 
Site Inspections by USCIS Notice: at any time USCIS can visit an H-1B site
Time spent in H or L status in US Please use form to track your time spent as an H-1B 
USCIS Case Status Online Please use the following information to check the status of an H-1B with USCIS.
USCIS Fee Calculator Information on USCIS's fee calculator tool.
UWMF Concurrent H-1B Information on filing H-1Bs for SMPH and the medical foundation (UWMF).
What is the 240 Day Grace? Information on H-1B employee's grace period to stay in the U.S when filing an extension.